The agriturismo participates in, “Diversity in Cooking” and initiative that is certified by PanParks, and has been accredited by the Gambero Rosso Association.

Our cuisine is the result of a great appreciation of the relationship between man and the environment; focusing mainly on Mediterranean cuisine and delicately recreating the flavours of ancient Abruzzese recipes, forgotten in time. The wild herbs of our mountain, ancient grains, local meats and dairy products are the inspiration for our recipes which include wild herb salads, made from scratch pastas, savoury wild meat dishes and locally produced cheeses and dairy products as well as, traditional desserts.

Our Restaurant

14At the restaurant, the family does its best to honour the traditional Abruzzese cuisine. Inspired by the Slow Food Movement, we strive to make everything fresh, from scratch, using ingredients from our farm and/or local producers.

Most people who dine with us choose our tasting menu; this is based on what is freshest that day and it is what we offer most of our guests. The meal includes an antipasto, a pasta dish, and a main course and side dish; drinks are extra. Even if you were to stay with us for a week, no two dinners would be the same; what we have available always changes!

Our Products

13Our focus is on cheese that is made from fresh goat milk, bread using our own wheat and jams using fruit grown in our orchards. Everything is made fresh and based on what is in season.

Specifically, we offer: Farro pasta, soft grain solina pasta, farro flour, solina flour, solina crackers, fava¬†beans, farro polenta, pecorino cream, goat’s cheese, ricotta, bread, preserves and jams.

Many of our products are available for purchase.