The Area

Tourists flock to this area by the millions every year.

For as long as we can remember, people have been trying to describe the majesty and beauty of this region of Italy. Some have gone so far as to call it The Tibet of Italy. We call this place home and we hope you choose to visit us during your travels and enjoy our hospitality while you explore this magnificent landscape and all that Abruzzo has to offer…

A Place To Stay


Tholos has several different room configurations to suit your needs and our prices are based on per person instead of per room. The Agriturismo sleeps up to 14 people in a wide variety of configurations.

A Place To Eat


Our cuisine is the result of a great appreciation of the relationship between man and the environment; focusing mainly on Mediterranean cuisine and delicately recreating the flavours of ancient Abruzzese

Agriturismo Tholos on Italian TV

It was a great success for Agriturismo Tholos when it was selected as the location for the popular Italian TV show Sereno Variable hosted by Umberto Bevilacqua. 4 topics were covered: The THOLOS, ABRUZZESE CUISINE, AND SHEPHERD FOR A DAY WITH OUR FAITHFUL SHEPHERD DOGS.


Rai – Linea Verde


Itinerari Del Gusto in Abruzzo